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Skin darkening during pregnancy. it’s common for pregnant women to develop blotchy areas of darkened skin, commonly called the mask of pregnancy

Brownish blotches on the skin around your eyes, nose, and cheeks are so common in pregnancy, they’re nicknamed “pregnancy mask.” They’re also called chloasma or melasma.

Chloasma during pregnancy, also known as the mask of pregnancy, is splashes of darkened skin that may appear on the forehead, nose, and cheeks in a mask-like

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It’s best to limit your exposure to paint and paint fumes while you’re pregnant. Wear a respirator mask to screen This site is published by BabyCenter,

Melasma (also known as chloasma faciei,:854 or the mask of pregnancy when present in pregnant women) is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Although it can affect

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This condition is characterized by tan or brown patches, most commonly on the face. Melasma can occur in pregnant women and is often called the “mask of pregnancy;

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Skin Changes During Pregnancy . Shares 66. Now that you are pregnant, “Mask of pregnancy” is also referred to as melasma and chlosma.

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