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10 Ways to Last Longer in Bed The average guy lasts only 5 to 10 minutes during sex, and 71 percent of men want better sexual endurance. Use these strategies and ye

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Positions To Help You Last Longer Four Proven Positions That’ll Help Any Guy Last Longer In Bed. to provide extra stimulation to her vulva/clitoris during sex,

How to Make Sex Last Longer. This wikiHow will teach you how to make sex last longer, both before and during sex. Relax and be positive.

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Thinking about sex beyond intercourse, and trying out new ways of being sexual together is one way to slow things down.

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Your No-BS Guide to Lasting Longer In Bed. There are a number of ways to learn ejaculatory control and last longer during sex that simply involve knowing how to

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Are you having a hard time holding on while having sex? Here are 20 everyday tips, sex tips and foreplay tips to hold that orgasm back for longer.

Last longer in bed! Sex experts tell you how It’s no fun for her (and embarrassing for you) when it all ends too early. We got top sexologists to reveal eight

Ejaculation – Stay Erect Has 3 natural solutions to help you deal with Sexual Dysfunction. Learn which one is right for you.

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But what are surefire ways to last longer in bed? and have the best intel on how to last longer in bed. Breathe. Sex is mental — if you’re too excited,

What You Should Think About to Last Longer during Sex This trick is so simple you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before By Markham Heid August 17, 2015

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